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Hello my name is Jess I'm 16, I love a variety of things and I'm in a lot of different Fandoms. So my blog is pretty random and I post a lot of different things .-. But please stay if you'd like =] P.s to avoid any future issues I did lose my old account, forgot my password like nan idiot (xxjustjess98)

Unlike demons, you harbor a complicated malice, you lie. You struggle desperately, knocking down others on your way. You steal and are stolen from, you make endless excuses. And still you strive to get over the hill and far away. I suppose that’s why humans are so interesting.

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*wears crocs to ur funeral*

*uninvites you to my funeral*

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omg what if we named animals after the sound they make like in pokemon

“take the bark for a walk”

“hey could you feed the meows”

“hey look at all those moos”



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"son, are you ok? you look so pale" "i’m fine mom ❤”

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no sorry i haven’t heard of that popular top 40 song i’ve been living under a punk rock

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the year is 2046. no one has memed in 15 years since king obama the third make memeing illegal. in the dystopian suburbs of fort lauderdale, sixteen year-old Dogecoin de Grasse Sagan found a sexy fedora in an trash dumpster. he put it on and it made a sweet anime noise. he knew then he, was destined to bring memes back to this stupid idiot planet. he looked at the camera and goes “u mad, world?”

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