She's Lost In Wonderland Waiting For Her Neverland

Hello my name is Jess I'm 15. I love a variety of things and I'm in a lot of different Fandoms. So my blog is pretty random and I post a lot of different things .-. But please stay if you'd like =]

P.s to avoid any future issues every I did lose my old account forgot my password like an idiot (xxjustjess98)

” Never trust a pretty girl, with an ugly secrets.”

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those people that u love so much and want to talk to them all the time but u feel like ur annoying them


Chances are that two people who reblogged this were thinking about each other

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When a stranger mentions my fandom in front of my friends and I


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By 13 years-old 53% of girls say they are unhappy with their bodies. When were we happy? Marie C. photographed and interviewed 4-8 year old girls and asked them what they liked about their bodies to find out.

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